Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Resident Evil Deck Building Game

The Resident Evil Deck Building Game. This is right now my second favorite game (Dominion is a little better in my opinion). It is however the new thing so my group has been playing this more and more. Here is the requirements for the carnival real quick.

How many players it supports = 1-4
How long it takes to play = 30 - 60 minutes
Party or Strategy = Strategy

First off, if you don't enjoy complex games, this is not for you. It is a strategy game with a more mature theme. On top of that, it is for the more experienced game players. The rulebook doesn't help making it easy either. It introduces you to 3 different game modes, 4 in the case of the expansion. If you are a fan of the Resident Evil series, a fan of deck building games, or you experiment with different games, this game is worth taking a look at.

Onto the gameplay. The rules are simple and the cards are easy to understand. The part that this game gets complicated at is the mansion. Every turn you get 1 buy, 1 action, and 1 explore. Like all other deck building games, you buy cards to change the deck you are using. The goal is to collect the most decorations which you get by exploring and beating zombies. Zombies each come with health, damage, and decorations.

Defeating a zombie takes having enough damage to kill it, which is provided by weapons. Most weapons need ammo they need to be in your hand as well. This requires you to combo to win, at least with the number of plays we have had (10+). This does take away from the game a bit in my opinion. So this is a quick rundown and recommendation from me. The game offers different modes which does change the game and makes it more enjoyable then the basic story mode. For this reason, I do say it is a buy for more "hardcore" gamers.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Old stuff

Sorry I have been away for so long. With the wedding coming up and all, I just haven't had time. I give you a gift. This was published in my college's literary magazine way back when. Titled in there as Last Goodbye. It's a short read, hope you enjoy.

“I can’t believe this happened.”
            A boy stood in a world unchanged. Everything was the same, except his own little world. People went on with their daily lives and pressed on to make honest money. Those same people pushed forward with their plans. Plans of growing up, graduating, finding their purpose in life. He had found his purpose through accident, and used it for the benefit of those around him who didn’t know the danger they were in.
            “How could you let this happen to yourself?”
            His eyes were on the horizon as it displayed the last light of the day. The sun crept down under a hill in the far distance. The colors radiated off, giving its viewers a wonderful show of purple red and orange glows. This sunset was different from the others he had witnessed. This one filled him with a great sorrow. He spoke once again seeming more grown up then the mere teenager he was.
            “What were you thinking?
            “I don’t know….” A meek voice responded. A girl stood behind him, the same age as him. Her posture differed greatly from his. Both stood atop a low hill. The boy stood as defiant and proud as ever. His arms rested as his side with his fists clenched. His eyes focused out to the horizon. His short brown hair rustled gently in the wind.
            The girl’s posture was conservative. She stood with her arms close to her body, one arm reaching across to hold her other. She stood less sure footed, using her right foot to dig into the earth with no progress. She hung her head, not daring to look up.
            “I want to know why you did this.” The boy continued looking forward as he spoke.
            “You don’t understand how it is.” She responded softly.
            “I know better than you do. What I am doing isn’t glamorous and I didn’t take any shortcuts. Most of the world will never know my name. The name Drajan only affects a small fraction of all people. And you know how many of those few are glad to hear it? Maybe ten people, if even that number.”
            “I’m glad to hear….”
            “You won’t be anymore, now that you have given yourself to the darkness in the world.” He interrupted her, giving his words a sharpness she had never heard.
            “It’s not like that.”
            “Yes, it is Nara. When you accepted that dark power, you became my enemy.”
            Nara fell to her hands and knees crying. “You don’t understand. I love you. This was for you. I wanted to be strong for you. You tell me you wish it wasn’t your responsibility all the time. I wanted to help, to be there for you. It was all for you.” She continued crying, being the only noise in the area.
            “I do wish I wasn’t the only one sometimes.” His words made her sobs grow softer; she grew anxious to hear his response. “You have made it easier on me too. Without you, and the others, I would not be here today. You all have played an important part of keeping this world safe.” He turned to face her, looking into her eyes.
            “I love you for that as well. But I can’t let you go on as you are. The power you have now corrupts. It may not happen right away, but you will eventually turn against me. The purity you possessed is gone.”
            “It’s not gone!” She cried out defensively. “I still hold that magic. I’m still the same Nara, but with new power.”
            “It is too dangerous. You should have ignored the calling. I told you how I have ignored it many times. I even told you exactly the things it would tell you. It was lying to you as it has lied to everyone else.’
            He turned his vision back to the horizon. “I will let you go. I never want to see you again though. Promise that we will never meet again, under any circumstance.”
            “I can’t.” She lowered her head again, allowing the pain on her heart to take hold once again.
            “It is the only way you will live past this day.” His mind still focused on the moment, but he let his memories gather of the lands he traveled.
            “Please, don’t. I love you so much Drajan. And it’s not Nara talking, it’s Mary. The person who you met and saw was special. The person who would watch this sunset with you everyday, no matter where we were. The person who wants to do anything they can to help you.”
            “Don’t make this harder than it is. This was brought on by you. You could have helped me by roughing it out, the same way I have. I learned with determination to shape the magic I control. I was handed nothing. And you took the easy escape. It isn’t even an escape. It’s a trap. A trap you fell into that some dark entity will use to take control of you. I am giving you this last chance, please just leave.”
            She began to cry out louder, pleading for a solution she knew she would never get. Her power gave in and she collapsed to the ground, covering her eyes. She lay there on the hill, the only sound in the area her pleas. “Don’t…….I can’t……….without you.” Her words got through her weeping disconnected. Her head lifted up, vision blurred through tears. She wiped her eyes with her hand and looked up.
            He was gone, leaving her sobbing harder and pounding her fist on the ground in a mix of hate and desperation.