Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You've caught him

   The robber makes it out the door and is pursued by land and air. He makes it to edge of the forest before the Golden Eagle makes him stumble and drop a few items. He can't speed up fast enough to get away and is shortly caught.
   "Okay, okay. I surrender." He takes out a pouch and begins to take out item after pouch after item out, placing them on the ground. You reclaim your stuff as he begins to complain aloud. "I wouldn't of needed to steal from you if I wasn't stolen from in the first place by that scoundrel." The townsfolk walk back to town ignoring him. You brave adventurers know a hook when you hear one, so you stay.
   "King Felix is nothing but a fiend. This isn't the first town he has 'saved.' I come from a town a few days travel south from here, Westerdale. Felix saw that we were given no attention and proclaimed himself savior and king of that town as well. The first year was great, and he influenced a festival same as this one. When everyone in Westerdale was at the statue unveiling, he robbed us all blind."
   But that doesn't explain why he was stealing from all of you. "I was trying to stop the ceremony. If people were worried their belongings were stolen, maybe they wouldn't attend the unveiling here." That seems kind of shady still. "If that failed, I was going to catch him in the act. Look, help me catch him in the act so I can show you what a scoundrel he is. If I'm lying, you may do whatever you wish to me. Tomorrow is the ceremony, so we must act quickly."

Are you worried more about Felix or your new "friend" lying? How are you going to catch one or the other? Can't wait to hear the creative traps you come up with.

Quote: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." -Alan Kay


  1. brb, inventing the future

  2. I'm with Ed! Fantastic, Kindros.

  3. very inspiring, thanks for this post

  4. Wait in your house and guard your stuff. Worst case: you miss the ceremony.

  5. inspiring and interesting! thanks for sharing.

  6. Punji stick trap. Actually that would be a little too extreme...*cough*

  7. *stumped* And I have exams going on now :( Can I possibly pause this till the end of March?


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