Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fluxx Review

Fluxx by Looney Labs. This is one of my favorite games. The rules are simple and after this next sentence, you know how to play. The rules are, you draw a card, and play a card. That's it. You can all now participate in a game of Fluxx. Games can last from 5 minutes to around 45 minutes. It's usually on the shorter side taking only 15-20 realistically. There is one community deck of cards and contains new rules (Draw 3 Cards, Play All, Hand Limit 2), Keepers (Milk, Cookies, The Sun), Actions (Do something and the card goes away), Goals (Milk and Cookies, Peace no War), and Creepers (War).

In the beginning, there is no way to win. A goal has to be set out to give players something to achieve. The most common one is have the two Keepers on the goal under your control. A Keeper is played out in front of you and stays with you until it is destroyed, stolen, or changes hands some other way. Creepers keep you from winning and Actions are fun.

If this game doesn't seem like it's for you, they have options. Zombie Fluxx, Pirate Fluxx, Monty Python and the Holy Grail Fluxx, Martian Fluxx, even EcoFluxx. Each one can be mixed with each other and the original.

This game is really fun and gets better as more people are added. It is really simple to learn and can keep your family and friends entertained for a good couple of hours (most likely longer). The only downside is it that it is very luck based. Sometimes you can't help but let other people win as well. An example of this is you draw 3 cards and have to play them all. If you have a goal that gives your opponent the win, that's the breaks. Definitely fun for the whole family and it's all contained in a box you can carry with you wherever. Now go get it, what are you waiting for?

Question: What are some of your favorite games?
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  1. This seems like an interesting concept and I'd be willing to try it, as long as the creeper cards don't explode!

  2. So...umm...WHERE do you find all these AWESOME games?!?

  3. I love (game board wise) chess, monopoly, Clue if my adapted rules apply, Texas hold’em, axis and allies—love that one—, Risk is ok… that about does it.

  4. zombie fluxx sounds cool, i like tetris

  5. I never heard of this game before. Thanks for letting us know. :-)

    My favorite game-- I love "City of Heroes."

  6. Anything with the word Zombies in it instantly receives my love (which has caused me problems in the past...).

    Right now I am loving Sequence and Pentago.

  7. great review, thanks for the post


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