Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zombies!!! Hybrid of Board and Card game

Zombies!!! by Twilight Creation is an older game that has numerous expansions. Unlike other board games, this one starts out with a single tile. Each player is required to turn over a tile from the stack to expand the map. Each tile pops up with zombies on it, and you start exploring. Combat with zombies is resolved with rolling a 6 sided die and a 4+ being a kill. You are given 3 bullets (which add 1 to any combat roll) and 3 hearts (which are rerolls). When you run out of hearts, you die and comeback with the starting 3 life and bullets, but lose half of your zombie kills rounded up.

The game ends when either a player has gained 25 zombies, which you get for killing them, or you make it to the helipad and there are no zombies on it. The helipad is the final tile that is place and come up with the maximum amount of zombies.

You get a hand of 3 cards as well which can for the most part be used right away. There are a few that you need to be at a certain location to use or equip, such as the fire axe at the firestation or a skateboard at the skate shop. These cards give you benefits or hinder your opponents.

Even with the short play rules, this game took us a while to finish due to only having 3 players. We found ourselves plowing through the deck of cards as well and having to reshuffle it. It was a fun distraction for about 45 minutes.  Our game ended with a total zombie kill of 25 as we kept throwing zombies in the way of the helipad. No one player clearly ran away with it which is a huge plus. There were times where someone would be stranded on a long dead end with no zombies and slowly making his way out.

This game isn't for everyone, I wouldn't recommend it for a family fun night or anything. My gaming group loves it as well as other board gamers. Anyone with geeky or zombie interests would find this fun. The level of learning this game is low, no complex rules really. Have a great time with it.

Question: Any other games you want me to review? (Fluxx or Arena of Heroes is next on my list.)
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  1. "This game isn't for everyone, I wouldn't recommend it for a family fun night or anything."

    That made me laugh.

  2. I've never heard of that game before. It sounds weird, but fun.

  3. also lol'd at family fun, i prefer monopoly

  4. I've kind of wanted to try this game, I ended up getting Arkham Horror instead.

  5. ^lol. Monopoly does sound it would be better for family night. It sounds like a cool game though


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