Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Describe Saturdays At Your Home

Saturdays are quite lazy. It's the day in between work and cleaning house. This day is usually laying around and reading a book or playing computer games. Last Saturday was all about watching movies. I finally watched The Book of Eli and loved it. Definitely crushing on Mila Kunis now. I already knew the twist before the end of the movie, but it didn't really ruin it for me.

After that, I watched Equilibrium again. It has some pretty deep messages and was fun.

I also saw Requiem For A Dream. People said that movie was pretty trippy and messed up. I didn't see it though. It just reminded me of any other movie about drug use. The only part I found weird was with the mother. I wish we had more back story on her like if she was previously on drugs or what. She seemed weird in the beginning, but not sure what to attribute it to.

So my describe Saturdays post turned into a movie post. I guess this is a sign of things to come, lol.

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