Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This book was really bad

I switched up lists and rolled "This book was really bad." There is only one book that comes to mind, "In the Teeth of Akoum" by Robert B. Wintermute.

First of all, I don't even think they had an editor. There were references to the main character, a female, that were wrong. "Nissa thought this and that. HE would have never faced this from wherever." That made me rage so much. There were other errors in it too, but those were the most memorable.

Second, the levels of which people's power should of been were terrible. Somehow, Nissa, a younger magic user, was more powerful than possibly one of the oldest and this man was also a vampire. Last I checked, vampires get better with age and more powerful.

Lastly, nothing happened. Nothing! It read out like a diary from the main character. Think Lord of the Rings but on a smaller scale and you're following only hobbits. Most boring read I have ever experienced. I skipped almost the whole middle just to see what happened at the end.  So yea, never check this book out. Hope everyone had a great holiday. :-)

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  1. Yea, M:tG books have been pretty poor as of late. Started in Mirrodin and they haven't gotten better. Hit an all time low in the Kamigawa book series, then slightly improved, only to fall on its face again for the Time Spiral series. All the old ones are golden though. Onslaught block and Odyssey block were amazing, and everything involving Urza and Mishra was even better.
    I don't know what happened to the writers.


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