Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dream from last night

Last night I had one of the most disturbing dreams I have had in awhile. It played out more like a movie and had Rob Schneider in it.

The beginning I completely forgot, but somehow this family was locked up, a father, mother and son. The son was at the oldest 13 but was in the same cell area as his dad. The first day they were thrown in there, the dad was paranoid and ended up hitting his kid in front of other prisoners. Rob told the father that the prisoners don't appreciate that and they would let this one slide, but weren't happy at all. The father was still all worried and not much happened that day.

The next day, the mother was released and the father and son were soon to follow but didn't know this. The father once again hit his son, but then beat his son more until Rob stopped him. The guard came by and let the kid out but kept the dad there. As the son was leaving, you see a bunch of prisoners box in the father.

The next scene was the father, mother and son all walking back into the prison. The mom was crying and holding her son's shoulders. They passed an infirmary and to holding area. A bunch of the prisoners were there along with Rob. The mother started asking what happened to her husband and the father grabbed Rob by the collar. Rob pointed at this one television screen and the credits started to roll. *STOP NOW IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH* During the credits, it showed the father getting cut up and eaten by the prisoners. As the credits continued, you see a bunch of prisoners with bloody uniforms who are sick in the infirmary. Then I woke up.

I actually covered my eyes in my dream to not see the gross parts. So one more reason to avoid prison, cannibals.

Hope your dreams have been more cheerful. :-)


  1. What a weird dream!! Do...do you want to eat people...?;)

  2. lol, not at all. I blame that part on my recent addiction to everything zombie.

  3. That is an odd dream indeed. I would have made myself wake up as soon as I saw the father hit his son.

  4. Oh wow... Well, at least things didn't go too far south of what i consider disturbing. I thought things were going to get a bit Law & order: SVU.

    I have some incredibly disturbing dreams as well that don't make any sense. To put it mildly, it was like Harry Potter meets Law & Order:SVU, and I got to play a witness. >_>

  5. Dreams are so interesting! I find it awesome hearing other peoples' :D

  6. Once you said Rob Schneider was in the dream, I knew it was gonna be bad.


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