Monday, January 3, 2011

Pretty deep topic today

"Everyone feels rejected by family or friends at some point. Tell about one such time."

To give a little back story, my father and mother divorced when I was young. I was around 6 or 7 when my mother finally gave up the court battles and my dad ended up with full custody. Not long after that he moved away and we were left with our grandparents. It was pretty ugly between both sides of the family and it pretty much cut off all communication to my mom's side.

Now, a few years ago around Christmas, I contacted my mom wanting to know more the whole situation. We kind of got closer and she seemed fine. It was not until this past summer that everything hit the fan. The only person on my dad's side who knew I talked to her was one of my uncles. I didn't think everyone else would understand. 

My sister sent a letter to our mom saying she wanted to invite our mom to her wedding, but wasn't sure everything would be civil. In response, my sister got a letter putting her down and selling me out. My brother and I also go letters from our mom, but each was different. I felt like I would be kicked out of my aunt's house and almost disowned by my dad's side. 

I didn't talk to anyone and just went from work to my room for the next few days. Finally my aunt talked to me and she said she understands. There is still a lot of details I can't tell my sister unless I want to destroy her, which sometimes I feel like. Since that happened, I haven't had any contact with my mom, so I guess I'm still feeling rejected by someone in the family.

TLDR; Dad's family hates mom's side. I talked to both and got sold out.

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  1. Hey, it's Eeshie (duh). Nice blog. I replied to the comment you left on my blog. I honestly don't think you forgot the site, but here it is, JUSST in case:

    And on your family story: Dang, sounds pretty tough. Just remember that it's the people who go through the harder things that become the stronger people. And it's the stronger people who succeed when it comes to the end.



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