Friday, January 14, 2011

In which I answer your questions.........

Sort of. This is not a new concept, but I was going through my comments and felt some of them deserved direct responses. I'll get a banner and everything for it. Edit: Follower + Friday were taken in a different combination, no idea how I let that slip from me, so I think I'll call it "Commentor Collection." Comment Friday makes more sense, but not as catchy. Without further waiting, Commentor Collection! until I come up with a better name. :-)

Oddyoddyo13 from Dani's Letters writes: "Fabulous answer, but I had just one question....pineapple chunks? Never heard of those before...Like dried pineapple? With sugar?"
-Well Oddyoddyo13, I'm not sure where exactly these are available, like if it's just a regional or national product, but they are just pineapple pieces in their own juice. A favorite snack of mine.  Along the side is a picture of the exact product. :-) I definitely recommend it.

Tracy of Forever Endeavor writes: "I once had this dream about this girl and an incredibly beautiful boy who sparkles in the sunlight, lying in a meadow. I wanted to write it down when I woke up, but someone beat me to it!"
-Tracy, I really hate when that happens. :-)  This did kind of happen to me. I had a pretty decent idea, started writing out things and building the world and all. THEN Terry Brooks (one of my fav. authors) put out Armageddon's Children and I pretty much scrapped everything because it was the same stuff, but would never stand to his quality. That was a pretty depressing day, I almost didn't read it because of that.

Lastly Faye.Buckley of We Are Who We Are writes: "I love reading about how you are so inspired by something you love! It is so uplifting and I really enjoy it!! I love that we can both share hw passionate we both are for something! Even though we have nothing in common, we end up with something in common... Passion for something we enjoy!! :)"
-Faye, I'm glad you found something I said to be inspirational. I try to be as uplifting as possible everyday to everyone I know.  When you get past the outer layers of anyone, you find out there is a lot more you share with them. So next time you meet someone, don't completely pass them up. They might actually hold the key to enlightenment or happiness for you. :-)

Three seems to be a great stopping point. Hope everyone has a great weekend. If you have any questions or other comments, feel free to leave them and every Friday I will be picking out a few like this. Have a great weekend all and thanks for the comments. :-)


  1. I am so sending Oddyoddyo13 some pineapple chunks!! She needs to have them.

  2. I LOVE pineapple chunks. Like desperately

  3. Never had those kind of pineapple chunks but I bet they are super tasty!!
    LOL! To Tracy.

  4. That sounds really good!
    I'm so glad you still blog! lol When I couldn't find your other one, I thought you quit forever. :( I love reading your blog. I'm very glad that you're still going to post. I will certainly love to add your URL in a post for the blogger award! Is this one the one that I should add?

    I hope you keep up the blogging!
    Warmest wishes,

  5. In response to both you and Tracy: I too, have felt that pain. Mainly, someone took the gist of my idea for a story. I could still write it my way, but have to be careful to make it clearly different from them, which sucks cause they took some of my bigger ideas.

  6. I never have, or more accurately, make the time to reply to reply to most of my comments. Kudos to you for staying on top of it!

    I nominated you for a blogger award. You can view it here: MJA Ware Blogger Awards. Be sure to pass it along!

  7. Heyyyy! I'm FINALLY following your blog (My computer wouldn't let me before, sorry)

    Cool post btw :D

  8. Yay! I was featured . . . and I didn't even know about it. Aw, now I feel bad for you. It's one thing to read a story that is basically yours written by someone you're confident you can do a better job than. It's a completely different ballgame when it's someone you admire and enjoy.


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