Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pirate/Knight Party

My friend is having a birthday soon and he came up with an epic idea I had to share. Well, maybe it's not that epic, just doing it for the lulz.

He's trying to get enough people to buy a whole section of Medieval Times for his birthday party. There is one requirement to attending though, you must dress as a pirate. This is not where the fun ends though, oh no. He also wants to bar hop after Medieval Times still dressed as pirates. I'm not a drinker, at all. Also not one for bars, at all. And cosplaying is beyond the realm of stuff I will do. This just sounds too fun though. He wants us to come up with pirate names also, but this is optional.

I'm thinking of going with the name Patch, wearing the appropriate covering over my eye. This makes me worry about my depth perception and I might need to drive without it on.

I ask you, what is your pirate name?

Random quote: "Mountains are molehills when you got this kind of skill."


  1. Ha! Awesome!! I would love to bar hop as a pirate in a pack! So fun! Have to update on how it goes.
    I'd want a title, kind of like The Dread Pirate Roberts only a bit girly.

  2. I'm lucky; my last name is Morgan, so I'm pretty much automatically Captain Morgan!

    Going about in a pack dressed as pirates sounds pretty amazing!

  3. LOL I love that quote.

    And hey, with the eyepatch (and the possibly pursuant depth perception problems) you might appear drunk! I bet the party will be a blast!

    And my pirate name? Hmm ... And ... I've got nothin'. My creative self is all tapped out, lol.

  4. Cute idea! I love it. I'm like you, not into drinking or the bar scene, but dressing up sounds like it could be a lotta fun! I hope it all turns out great!

    Have fun! By the way, thanks for the comment on my post. I decided to contact the paint company and ask if they could refund the money. lol It's driving me crazy to have weird-o looking walls. lol

    Well, I hope all is well with you!


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