Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unwatchable Movie Challenge #1 - Teeth

I credit this challenge to the donut boys at Donutboys.net. They came up with a great idea and have only been through three of these movies. The unwatchable movie challenge was simple. One member of the group challenged the others to watch a bad movie. It had to be on Netflix and the person issuing the challenge had to also watch the movie. Simple, right?

And so the fiance, my cousin and I decided this was a great idea (kind of). I picked the first one, and so we sat down to watch Teeth on my Wii. This was not the worst movie I saw (it helped that I wasn't the only one sitting and watching it). There have been a couple of movies that I have turned off because they were horrible, so this wasn't as bad as it could get. Teeth is definitely a movie I will not watch again or recommend to anyone.

For that reason, I'm issuing this challenge to everyone. I plan on updating this challenge every week, most likely on Monday. I want you to suggest movies for this challenge as well. It would be easier if it is available through Netflix, doesn't need to be though. Also, you have to watch the movie you challenge with me as well. My cousin is 16 also, so I'd like them to stay R rated at the highest. Have a great with this movie and I look forward to challenges for this.

Quote: "Dentata. It's Latin for teeth." -Dawn


  1. I nominate Max Payne with Mark Wahlberg. It's horrible, enjoy!

  2. Teeth is so bad it's funny. What annoyed me was how quickly the MC turned from an abstinent advocate to a sexual villain. Still, it was good for a laugh.

  3. I was forced to watch Twilight from my friend in exchange for him reading a book. I definitely lost in that deal.

  4. If I get a chance, I think I might take you up on this. I've never seen it before. Also, I gotta side with Eeshie on Twilight. XDD

  5. Agreed about Twilight. I'd rather watch Teeth a thousand times over than any of the Twilight movies.

  6. Lol oh my! I hate bad movies or bad books. lol I would suggest one, but it's been years since I've really watched a movie except the ones that come on lifetime lol. I'll try to think of one and let ya know. Oh ok I found one! lol I just glanced at the above comment and I 100 million % totally agree! lol I've never watched twilight but I don't care for it. lol I have saw a little bits and pieces of the other vampire stuff.. new moon or something like that? My mom was obsessed with those & watched them over & over and I hated them! I could barely stand to look at the tv while she watched them. Not to sound like a prude, but it was just too graphic for me lol.

    Oh and thanks for the comment! Yes, do tell your fiance to check out wet seal if she hasn't already. It's my fav place to shop and the prices are hardly ever over $20-somethings. They always have huge sales and everytime I'm in there their jeans are never priced more than $30 at the most. Yep, I could be a pro at cheap shopping lol. Maybe yall have a wet seal in your area. I think most of them are usually in the shopping malls.

    Well I will stop with the girly talk lol. Great post! I'LL be thinking of more movies to nominate. lol Also, wasn't you the one who told me about the show criminal minds? Well I started watching it and LOVE it!

  7. Thanks for your compliment on my blog. I left you some links there if you would like to use them for your blogs. Have a great week/weekend! :)

  8. Oh dear God.
    I saw this (unfortunately) many years ago and it still haunts my dreams with its horribleness (yes, it's a word)
    Ack. I can't remember what it's rated though.

  9. I actually sat all the way through teeth...it's so bad it's funny. I remember trying to watch cabin boy and I just couldn't do it. That one was so bad it wasn't even funny.

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