Thursday, February 10, 2011

A blogging schedule?

I have surprised myself. I actively was trying to create a schedule and failed at it. I just decided to start posting whatever. By doing so, I created a schedule without realizing it. This is what it looks like so far:

Monday: Movie Review (Unwatchable Movie Challenge and sometimes good movies)
Tuesday: Serious Business (Issues regarding daily life or the world)
Wednesday: Random Review (Games, Books, General things I want to have your attention)
Thursday: ??????? (This is where I need your help)
Friday: Comments (Responding directly to comments and/or feature other bloggers.)

Thursday was going to be storytime. Truth is I don't have many stories of my life, I have big ideas but don't take many risks. Most of the stories would be of other people and not sure if they would come across as funny. I could post up some of my short stories possibly or maybe even dreams I've had. What are your thoughts on this? Any ideas for a subject for Thursdays or should I even switch up some of these days? Thanks in advance everyone.

Quote: "See me, I'm still standing. I may be bleeding, but I'm still breathing." -"Renegade" by HED P.E.


  1. Blogging schedules are great! I do that, too! I think leaving Thursday "open" to whatever you're feeling is a good choice. That way, you're not nailed downed to something specific. And if the day comes when you just HAVE to post this one thing, you have the day to do it! That what I do on my blog anyway, M-W-F are scheduled, T-T are my "make-it-what-you-want" days. ;-)


  2. I'm starting to get into a blogging schedule (which was promptly thwarted by moving cities a few weeks later). What about making Thursday a flash fiction day? Just a short little piece of fic based on comments from the previous week? Good luck sticking to the schedule :D

  3. I have one day that is regularly scheduled for guest posts and everything else is on a whim. All my brilliant themes seem to run dry after awhile.

  4. I do what I want, when I want. That's my schedule.

  5. I have specific days, but left them pretty open to do whatever comes that week and will work best. It's better, IMHO, to have a schedule, but leave it relaxed so you don't get too stressed over trying to be specific those days.

  6. I blog on something like a schedule, although I've completely ignored it several times when things have come up. I have to agree with Colene that being specific every time isn't a huge deal, and being flexible can be an asset.

  7. ??????

    Seriously though, it's okay to have a random day where you just write about whatever. That's what most of my blog is filled with!

  8. LOl @ the comment you gave me {: and i hope you have lots and lots of fun on valentine's day! this is actually the first time im going to seriously celebrate it {:

    a schedule is so stressful for blogging! i say just do it one day you want to... sometimes... whatever pops in your head might actually be an interesting topic {: but being consistent is always good :] otherwise people forget your blog :[ it's not good.

  9. I think that sounds good. The only schedule I have is that I blog m/w/f. That way I'm not tied to a certain theme since sometimes I write blogs ahead of time in case I'm in a bind. I don't think people will notice whether or not you are stickign to a specific theme or schedule on certain days. As long as you are consistent as far as when you blog, anything you do will be great!


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