Saturday, February 19, 2011

Comments + More (Second Saturday Edition)

This feels like my second Saturday, except I don't have to work a half day. Thanks everyone for your comments and it is time to address some of them.

Katie from No Missed Opportunities writes: "Just to be clear, you do watch GOOD movies too, once in a while right? I would hate to think that all you do is watch crap movies."
Dear Katie, I thank you for your concern. I do watch good movies as well. The last movie I watched was Up In The Air, which I thought was great. I watch the whole gauntlet from unwatchable to fantastic. I watch more for the entertainment. I can't watch a movie and think "wow, that was artistic." The artsy movies get lost on me because while they are trying to get across a message, I just want to have fun.

Amy from i am here writes: " I actually like it, but my brother and his friends turn it into a war, where they sit there and yell at each other, then the friends turn to me and tell me not to trade with my brother." (reference to Settlers of Catan)
We have had many of these wars. Being in such a serious gaming group, there are always alliances and denials of every trade from one player. There have been trades for IRL stuff though as well, sometimes cash, sometimes Magic cards.

abby | ybba at Robots in Trouble! writes: "you got a puppy?! awwww! my hubby was going to get me one too but i said no ... even though i really really wanted one :["
The puppy is something my fiance has been pushing for. This kind especially. I kind of caved in to the request but not really. I even told her "I say no to this, but if you come home with it, I won't be mad." Me being mad was her greatest concern, but I'm one of the most relaxed people anyone can ever meet. If anything, I was worried that we wouldn't be able to handle it.

That is all for the comments, now onto how I became a vampire. I play pen and paper roleplaying games (I know, shocker). We had setup for a game of D&D and it was a story that my friend had wrote. The premise was we were hired by one family to steal back weapons (swords, daggers, crossbows and bolts) from another family who had originally stole them. We decided to go through it, fumbling around of course, but that didn't matter as there were only 3 people in the house.

When we got in and it was safe, we were to send a signal to the other family to let them know to come in and grab the weapons.  After we through up the signal/invited them in, that's when things went south for us. Our party was killed one by one. Somehow, we woke up. And in a very cramped space. In a "community" coffin. We were vampires from that point on and in the service of our new lords. And that's the really short version of it.

What did we learn this week?
-Don't invite strangers in.
-Always have a friend who will give you sheep.
-Having a puppy trumps a lot of things.
How about you?


  1. I want to get into D&D but it's a bit of a task to get my friends into it. I'm hoping to convince a friend to get into it in a week or two, but it doesn't seem likely :(

  2. I like how you answer the comments through a blog post.

    Thank you for your comment on my last blog post. I'll feel better eventually.

    Hope you're doing well! Oh, and I really like the puppy!

  3. you're a vampire? lol :)

    follow me?

  4. Friends with sheep are very good indeed. Thank you for the great advice!


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