Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old souls?

I just finished reading My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent and it made me think of something from my past. I was a later bloomer as far as college was concerned. I left high school and went straight to work. Years later, I decided I needed to get a degree if I wanted to get out of warehouses.

At college my old habits came back, but worse because I could skip classes. I ended up skipping almost the whole second half of one class. The day of the final, I showed up and was studying with a couple of women who were in almost all my other classes. That is how I met Rachel and something she said to me in the year plus I knew her stuck with me. She called me an old soul.

I am the kind of person who has no idea what to believe. I like having evidence. Rachel was a firm believer in reincarnation until you reach enlightenment. The reason why she had called me that was, believe it or not, "I have wisdom beyond my age." It was pretty weird of her to say that I thought. The more I dwelled on it, the more it did kind of make sense why she would say it. I'm still skeptical about it, but I consider it a possibility for a few reasons.

I feel that it is completely possible that our soul or energy or consciousness, whatever you want to call it, can move after death into a new life. There is no solid evidence because you can't track it and most likely never will be able to. The book talked briefly on this subject and it made me recall this. It makes me feel like I'm not just thinking I am meant for greater things, that it is actually possible. I feel strongly on certain subjects, oppression especially, that makes me feel like I might have been someone who fought these before this life. If it is true of course.  The possible existence of ghosts is the biggest factor that makes me think it's possible. But that is a talk for another time.

I have more reasons as to why I sort of believe and might expand on that on a later post. How do you feel on this subject or have you had any experience with this?

Quote: "There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit." -Napoleon Bonaparte


  1. well i have a hard time believing in things without the evidence, but i find it good that there are people who do believe, it gives them energy.

  2. Hmmmm. I have a hard time, too. I like evidence. But that's not faith, is it?

  3. personally i beleive in the spiritbody, souls and energy. If you want i could go into it more, but i have proof, but its personal proof, i ask the wind to blow and sometimes it blows and sometimes it doesnt, the same as an employee does not work a full 24 hours.

    Soma Shank Tank

  4. I feel the same as ebm. A lot of belief in such matters is superstition and folklore.

  5. Interesting thought. I don't really believe in reincarnation, because who we are is so closely connected with our biological makeup. It fits better with the Bible's explanation that we will be resurrected with our bodies, like Jesus still having the scars on his hands. Love the quote,

  6. I somewhat believe in the old soul reincarnation theory. It seems like it could be possible, more so than the other beliefs such as a castle in the sky where you live with all your dead friends..Though that would be nice I don't see it being real.

  7. I find it hard to take stuff like that on faith. I always need proof of something. Although some people do seem to be older than they are.

  8. In the south I can tell you being called "An old Soul," is a compliment. My thought on reincarnation is genetic. I firmly believe we evolve and grow from the past experiences of our ancestors. I think past lives our genetically encoded in us. Which is why I occasionally sit on my porch barefoot with a shotgun :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. Well it's compicated and there is more than one answer, depending on the souls choices.

    Many of you will be shocked by my reference to illminati - but please don't confuse my point with the ones people talk about now. Once it was a belief not a conspiracy. In the old times they said "imagine if the universe were perfectly fair"

    How can a child's death be fair? They were robbed, the parents destroyed - NOT fair!

    Ok from the tiny perspective it seems that way. Now imagine a soul who had to do terrible things that had brought him darkness. To help him he needed a buffer life to bring light back to his soul. Imagine what kind of life would be required for that to take place. It would have to be a life lived in safety. A life full of perfect love. Imagine it as a life, from the childs perspective.

    You awaken and someone brings you food, cares for you, smiles at you in adoration. You are snuggled, sleep when you choose, played with, held - wrapped in love. You never experience dissapointment, hatred, - only love - then you wink out to begin your next lesson. Your soul is filled with light and that will give you the strength, understanding and power to live your next Great life.

    If the parent knew that, would it not be of comfort? They will later - they will know that they did not fail but were in fact a great value to the whole soul picture.

    Why are there ghosts then if we are born again? Because not all of us choose to leave yet. Because sometimes between lives we visit places that changed our soul.
    Because some are lost in fear or sorrow.
    Because you may choose to rest or roam or simply be where you are.

    So what is it all about?
    Learning, experiencing, loving. As you feel, love, laugh so does your creator.

    Why is there evil - will the bad people go to hell?

    Evil shows you are not perfect. All evil you make must be payed for in a way. When you die - you will live every moment again from each life you touched - that is hell...or heaven. You will burn away every unkindness - every word you uttered in hatred - every harm you caused - without any retroactive memory edit - from the other persons exact perspective. You are shown your own evil so you can do better. That is hell and it's fair. You will also find every kindness you ever offered anyone - every moment of love you bestowed and every life you made better - that is heaven and it is fair.

    How long does this last - i don't want to live over and over -
    Until you are perfectly light and may become part of god - the wave of creation - then you too will create -
    or until you fall into darkness and exist no more.

    But why don't you believe in Jesus - you horrible heathen!

    Because I do - I believe in all of the teachers of the light - I simply prefer the words not wrapped up in a gift of darkness with hatred and judgement taught as truth. Pearls before swine little ones - only for those with eyes to see.

    I like this because if more people knew they had to live here again - they would be more careful what they decide to leave here. Save the planet would be a little closer to home.

    War might be rethought. Murder would have some of the fun stolen from it. And maybe those who want heaven would make it with kind deeds rather than blind demands.

    Lol Do I creep you out yet? You don't want to imagine why I think this way - lol

    sometimes we forget to forget - sometimes we believe

    Great post - love the subject - obviously

  10. Well, my Dad's a Buddhist, and I've heard bits and pieces of it, so I'm not totally against the reincarnation fact, I think it's kind of cool. Imagine how many people we meet, how many opportunities we have?

  11. i am with you, i like having evidence.. but such things cant really be verified, so i try to keep an open mind. unless its involving scientology.

  12. I don't believe in reincarnation, per say, but I do believe there is some kind of energy/spirit.

  13. college isnt for everyone. i dont believe in ghosts

  14. I have a degree in Religious Studies and have always loved to ponder these things. Sometimes I hope we are reincarnated because my mind can't fathom eternity in an afterlife, or worse, nothing. So it's easier to think that our souls keep coming back to earth. I hope I get a better body next time, because I feel like I'm a 30 year old trapped in an 80 year old body. I shouldn't have cronic back pain and joint pain when I'm only 30. In past lives, I think I always had a "young" soul. I goof off with my child, write YA and relate so much better with teens ;p

  15. sadly I'm not a religious person so I don't believe in the reincarnation theory

  16. My religion tells me that our souls are on one very long journey, from inception to finally merging with the enlightened one, the ultimate being, etc. So first you start off being born as an ant, and then you die, then you're reborn as a butterfly, then you die, then you're born again as a bird, and then you die, and so on until you're born as a man, and then a better man, and then the best of men, and then back again to the ant, depending on whether you have attained the knowledge of the supreme presence. The number of times you reincarnate is directly related to the number of good deeds you've done in your previous life. I hope I've got all of this right, my grandam told me these things when I was little.

    Right now, I do believe in spirits; if not necessarily ghost (for the sinister connotations associated with them), at least some sort of energy that directs all our lives. There are times, and specific days, when I feel this energy intensely, and on these days it seems like the universe is watching out for me, and that everything that happens, happens for my good. Examples of these days are the religious and festive days that we celebrate, or days of significance to me as a person. In essence, I feel that once we die, we do reincarnate somewhere else in this world, because all of us have some job to accomplish in our life. Whoever is controlling us and our souls needs us to set their divine plans into action, and the number of times they need us, they'll use us.

  17. I always find peoples ideas regarding the unknown very interesting. I have my own but I usually keep them to myself to avoid trouble lol

  18. i don't really believe in reincarnation, but i do believe that a soul of a person lives on even after the person dies.
    awesome quote!
    thank you for following me, following back :D

  19. I never had that feeling, to be honest. I think the idea of reincarnation is not very nice, I like to think that I am unique and not just another person trying again.

  20. I for one know I am 743 years old... everyone says I have an old soul. Maybe it is just because I think of others before myself.

  21. I think the saddest part of 'religion' is they almost all teach the same path - but refuse to speak to each other and honor the important bits of each. If people read the old texts with open minds and understanding - there would be no war based on religion.
    If 'god' sent you a package - would you ignore it and worship the postman? That is religion. My postman is better than yours so lets fight about it.
    Each has its own rituals but the message is similar, if not exactly explained the same way.

  22. Re: what HowLynnTime said,

    My sentiments WORD FOR WORD.

  23. Sometimes I'm not really sure what I believe. It changes daily. But there are plenty of things I've seen, heard or even thought that lend to my own personal credence in the idea of reincarnation.

  24. And you got that from a YA book about banshee?


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