Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nothing Serious Today

I don't know why, I'm just not feeling it this week. Most likely my internal struggles are derailing me. I have however, puppy pictures. Here is Zelda, our new dog.
With her green sweater 
Her favorite activity 

So there you are. Have a great day and keep your head up. :-)


  1. AWE! She is so cute!!! I Love her little sweater!

  2. What a cutie. At least you've only been derailed THIS week!

  3. Aww... cutie pie. Great name too!

  4. Your house had nice flooring...hm...OH YEAH! And the dog is cute, too lol :D

  5. I have found that dog pictures make up for ANYTHING! :-) And a fun fact? I'm terrified of dachshunds. Got bit my grandma's doxie numerous times as a child. My brother, just to torture me, now owns two. You should just do dog pictures for the rest of the week if you're not feeling it!! Because I would be feeling THAT!

  6. is this the puppy that you got?! soooo adorable!!!! ^__^ i can't believe i havent been getting updates from your blog!!! grr...


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